The Disreputable Chronicle of My Graduate Life

That’s what I hope it will be, anyway. I’ve decided to start this blog at this particular juncture in my life because, in short, I couldn’t think of a better time to finally do it. For a long time, I have deliberated on owning my very own blog. A place where I would record the moments of sudden lucidity that only the written prose can do justice. A tiny slice of the Internet that represents me. My keyboard identity. That thing I’m supposed to do on my Macbook while I sip on my Tall Double Skinny Vanilla Latte (because they don’t do Skinny Caramel anymore, but they can do an actual unicorn Frappuccino). I never got around to starting one because every time I thought about it, I always returned to the same stupid questions. Why now? Who will even read it?

I guess I always thought that if I’m going to start something, it can’t just be at random. It needs to represent not only the start of my blog but the start of a new chapter. This time, written (typed?). I hate vapid motivational buzz phrases like “new chapter,” but I can’t deny that it fits the situation. As a newly minted English major, it makes for an excellent pun. Actually, it’s a lot less annoying when I think of it as a pun.

So, why now? I guess graduating from college is a pretty good excuse for a “new chapter,” if I may be so bold. I’m starting graduate school at UAH in the fall. I accepted a job as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I’m beginning the process of applying for Ph.D. programs (again, but more on that some other time). I’m taking the whole summer off from all manner of work and school to transition. If this isn’t a good excuse to start a blog, then I’m obviously too wishy-washy be in the business of starting one. Besides, who gives a shit if anyone reads it? It’s a blog. It’s basically an Internet diary without all the heart doodles and Harry Potter fanfiction.

So—here it is, gentle reader. Go nuts.

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